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Why Workplace First Aid Training Can Be Life-Saving!

Life is full of unexpected events, including accidents. It’s important to be prepared to help out in an emergency situation. You could just save a life.

If an accident or medical emergency occurs in the workplace, you want to be able to offer some assistance, other than to simply dial emergency services. This is why it is important to have first aid training. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Below are reasons why it is beneficial to have first aid training in the workplace, or just in general.


First Response

Sometimes you may be the only one on scene when an accident occurs and assisting with first aid can really make a difference before emergency assistance arrives, if needed.

The brain can only survive six minutes without oxygen before permanent damage starts to occur so CPR can help prevent brain injury. If a cut or snake bite is not properly treated, infection can set in and become deadly. Stabilising someone in septic shock can literally save their lives. Immobilizing a bone that has been fractured can make the difference between permanent damage and a full recovery.


First Aid Could Be Part Of Your Job Requirement

A lot of  businesses require that their employees have first aid training. Many even provide quarterly first aid training or refresher courses for their employees. Jobs that would require first aid training would be child care professionals such as nannies or preschool teachers and lifeguards. Having up-to-date first aid training can help you get a better job or move ahead in your current job. It also looks good on your resume.


It Could Mean The Difference Between Life and Death

Performing CPR, or simply making applying a pressure bandage to help someone from bleeding out, could ultimately save their lives. Rapid response can literally be the difference between life or death. One simple first aid training course, along with CPR training could save a life.


Be Well Prepared in Emergency Situations

In the event of a fire, flood, cyclone or other such emergency, you will be prepared to help out when needed. You will know the location of the first aid kit, defibrillator and any other necessary equipment. You will be able to help the injured parties and keep the rest of the group calm. First aid training is not only handy in the home or workplace, but while going about your daily life as well. You never know when you will be able to put your first aid training to good use.

Living in Australia, it is important to know how to treat snake bites. It is a simple procedure of pressure and immobilisation that you can learn in any first aid course, but it could in fact save a life. Or simply being be trained in CPR can save someone’s life if they have been a victim of drowning or suffered from a heart attack. Just a few basic techniques that are taught in a first aid course could literally save a life.


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