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Helpful Tips for a Phone Interview

Telephone interviews are becoming more and more popular these days. They are extremely beneficial for those who are looking to relocate as they save time and money on travel. In this article, we will provide you with some helpful hints on how to conduct a professional phone interview.


Make Sure to Schedule the Interview at an appropriate and convenient time

Timing is the key for a successful phone interview. You certainly don’t want to schedule it for a time when your children are home from school or you have a lot going on. And if you work outside the home, you definitely don’t want to conduct a phone interview while you are busy with your current job.

Also, you might not want to schedule your phone interview on your lunch break. If the interviewer is running behind schedule or the calls goes longer than expected, this could go well over your allotted break time. You do not want to have to cut them off or end the interview abruptly if you are on a tight schedule. Try to schedule the interview for a time when you have thirty minutes to an hour of free, uninterrupted time.


Use a Landline and Disable Call-Waiting Features

You want to make sure that your call isn’t dropped or you have a poor signal. While everyone prefers smartphone devices over landlines these days, businesses as a rule still use landlines.

Also, disable your call-waiting and other phone features so your call will not be interrupted. You want to be just as professional on a phone interview as you would a face-to-face interview. Placing the interviewer on hold while you take another call will not bode well in your favour.


Have a Hard Copy of Your Resume Handy

Chances are, the interviewer will have a copy of your resume in front of them during the interview so you will want to do the same. You do not want to be thrown off-guard by any detailed questions regarding your dates of employment or other specifics of your resume.  Make sure you have the same resume you sent the employer at your immediate disposal.


Have a list of Questions Ready

You should prepare, and write or print out some questions for the interviewer beforehand, so when they ask if you if you have questions, you won’t be flustered. It also shows you are keen and interested.  If available, you should also have a copy of the job description with you.

It also won’t hurt to do some research on the company beforehand so you have some knowledge of the company and the job. It will certainly impress them if you have some knowledge about the company. It lets them know that you are serious about the position.


Take as Seriously as you would a Face-to-Face Interview

A phone interview is just as important as an in-person interview. Take yourself seriously. Dress the part. Sit at a desk or table. You don’t want to be slouched in front of the TV in your pajamas. Maintain proper posture and a positive, cheerful attitude. Speak slowly and clearly and do not dominate the conversation. Be polite. You are trying to sell yourself so make sure you are in the right frame of mind. It all makes a difference.  Most importantly, remember to breathe!


Send a Thank You Email Immediately After Your Interview

Thank you emails are part of the job-interview etiquette these days, so they apply to a phone interview just as much as a face-to-face interview. Immediately following the call, send a polite and brief thank you email to the interviewer. Thank them for their time and let them know that you are interested in the position.

Follow these tips and you will have a successful phone interview! Good luck!


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