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We strongly believe in providing the best quality education possible. From those studying business in Sydney to those undertaking security training on the Gold Coast or one of our many other locations, our students benefit from the knowledge and industry experience of our trainers.

Our courses include first aid coursesjustice of the peace courses with more coming soon!  Some courses can be utilised across different industries, optimising employment opportunities for graduates and furthering career outcomes.

All RAM trainers hold a current TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, along with the relevant qualifications to teach their respective courses. This ensures the best possible career prospects for our students.

We are dedicated to helping you further your professional development through nationally-recognised training services that empower you to achieve your full potential. If you have any questions about our training courses, please contact RAM Training Services.



RAM Training Services is an industry-leading provider of training courses

If you’re serious about gaining employment or advancement in your desired field, attaining training from a reputable training organisation is crucial. This show employers that you have the skills to function effectively in the role and that you possess desirable values like dedication, drive and determination.

RAM Training Services (RTO #: 31701) offers a wide range of short courses to help individuals upgrade their skills. While we initially focused on providing security training on the Gold Coast, we have since expanded both our training locations and course offerings.

We now offer a variety of courses in the following states:
Queensland | New South Wales | Victoria | Western Australia

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