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Renew Your Licence With A Quality Security Course QLD

RAM Training Services offers quality security guard training courses on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and wider Queensland, for security guards needing to renew their existing licences.

A career in the security industry is a terrific option as Brisbane security guards are constantly in high demand. RAM Training equips participants with all the necessary tools, from risk management to understanding your legal obligations to additional training to continue a job in security. The security courses in our Brisbane North and South and Gold Coast venues are conveniently operated on a regular basis. Choose RAM training for a security course in Brisbane that meets the legal and procedural requirements of security training in QLD.

As one of the top providers of courses for security licensing in QLD, our security guard training in Brisbane and the Gold Coast includes courses that offer:

  • Security Licence Queensland Renewal
    • CPPSEC3101 – Manage conflict and security risks using negotiation
    • CPPSEC3121 – Control persons using empty hand techniques
  • Security License QLD Renewal + Advanced First Aid
    • CPPSEC3101 – Manage conflict and security risks using negotiation
    • CPPSEC3121 – Control persons using empty hand techniques
    • HLTAID006 – Provide advanced first aid
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Most of the specialised short-training courses provide students with a nationally recognised security certificate. Students who sign up for our security guard courses – Gold Coast and Brisbane venues being our most popular – gain quality instruction to renew a class 1 security licence in Queensland. Each course provides an opportunity to build a successful career in the security industry. You will have the chance to learn useful skills or expand your existing knowledge.

Why take a Security Training Course?

Our trainers are highly qualified. Enrolling in RAM’s security guard courses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast will provide you with a high quality education that meets all security licensing requirements.

When undertaking certain security courses you will:

  • Gain the skills and knowledge required to act as security personnel in a range of different careers and scenarios.
  • Learn how to use security equipment and learn about different security procedures and security risk situations where you may need to implement an emergency response.
  • Upon successful completion of our security courses in Queensland, will have the literacy skills and effective communication skills to understand and fill out risk assessment.
  • Learn how to crowd control. By reading crowd behaviour you will become successful crowd controllers who protect persons from harm.
  • Learn about conflict management and gain skills needed for close protection operations.
  • Be educated by security courses on the Gold Coast and greater Queensland about evacuation procedures necessary for a range of individual circumstances.

If you’re wondering why or how to get a security licence in QLD, contact RAM Training Services. We’ll explain the importance of holding a Queensland security licence and talk you through your options to get your security licence on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane.

What are our clients saying?

RAM Security Training in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns has continued to offer high-quality security career training throughout Australia with teachers who are highly experienced in the security industry. Highly experienced trainers for our security courses in Brisbane and Gold Coast are a priority for our services. We only offer highly qualified trainers to ensure that students receive the best available security course in QLD. Enrol now to complete a security operations course through the best registered training organisation.

Kingaroy Security Patrol has now had several employees that have completed a RAM Security Training in Queensland. All employees have been satisfied with the flexibility to gain their security licence with our Gold Coast and Brisbane teams supporting them.

“The face to face training was excellent. It was very informative and the prices for the RAM Training course were very competitive.”

Clayton Searies
General Manager – Operations
Kingaroy Security Patrol

Who should contact us about security courses QLD?

Do you have any questions about our security course in Queensland? Please do not hesitate to call or fill out an enquiry form on our Contact RAM Training Services page. We can provide information if you are:

security course qld
security course brisbane
  • Interested in a security licence course in Brisbane, but are concerned about the security licence QLD cost. All RAM Training’s Gold Coast and Brisbane security courses have competitive prices, without compromising on quality.
  • Interested in experiencing training to gain your security certificate in Brisbane.
  • Interested in learning more about filling in a Queensland security licence form.
  • Wanting to know more about the employment opportunities or job pathways available at the completion of our security training courses in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and greater Queensland.
  • Interested in learning about the courses offered at RAM’s security training on the Gold Coast and at our other locations.
  • Wanting to know more about the eligibility requirements of joining our trainee security team to get your QLD security licence.
  • Interested in learning how RAM meets the Australian qualifications framework for our Brisbane and Gold Coast security training.
  • Overall, if you are just interested in what completing RAM’s security course on the Gold Coast or in wider Queensland to renew your QLD security license will enable you to do for security clients.

RAM Training Services is the leader of security courses in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. Get your career with a security firm started today with RAM Training Services. If you have any questions or queries about getting a security licence in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or wider Queensland, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

What do I need to be eligible for this security course QLD?

Our security guard training on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, and great Queensland isn’t open for everyone to become a security guard. To be eligible to be a security officer and to conduct security operations, there are some important criteria to meet before being issued with your security provider licence.

For a security provider to hold a Queensland security license as a security guard you will need to qualify with the appropriate state government, service department or their staff’s requirements, particularly if seeking mutual recognition of your licence. In Queensland you need to complete the application form, show the relevant ID and:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Not pose a risk to public safety.
  • Work effectively and provide quality services.
  • Pass the required security guard course.

You are not eligible for a licence if you do not have a clear criminal history check or if you have had a disqualifying offence in the past 10 years.

Eligible for a Queensland security licence and ready to commence security training in Queensland? Enrol now with RAM!

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Success Stories


See how our students have taken the ultimate step to reach their dream career

Delightful experience here at RAM training services. Friendly staff members, always ready to guide you through.
Dikshant Shrestha
Dikshant Shrestha
Easy to access resources, clear instructions.
Belinda Kingston
Belinda Kingston
The 5-day face to face was very beneficial and educational. Glad to have enrolled to participate in this. The method of teaching was the best I have attended. Thanks for the opportunity. Thank you Ariel's Rose.
Bagia R
Bagia R
Highly recommend RAM Training Services for anyone wanna do certificate 4 training and assessment course! 🚀🚀🚀🚀The RAM team, Chris Jones, they have been very supportive and the course journey has been amazing! I enrolled the 5 days blended virtual course from 20/11/2023 to 24/11/2023 , submitted my assessment two days ago and today I had my e-certificate! ✊✊✊How excited! And same day today I got job offer as a trainer and received the work contract! Thank you RAM. Thank you team for all the hard work.👏👏👏👏
Ya chi Yao
Ya chi Yao
I Highly recommend Ram Training Services. From first communications to issue of certificate the process has been so professional and seamless! So glad I chose this company to complete my course!
Hayley McLean
Hayley McLean
I recently pursued my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116) through RAM Training Services and was thoroughly impressed by their professional approach. Their utilization of webinars made learning engaging and interactive, bridging the gap often found in online education. The seasoned instructors were adept at elucidating complex concepts, making the learning journey both enlightening and enjoyable. Moreover, the convenience and flexibility of webinar sessions accommodated my schedule perfectly. The course not only honed my vocational training skills but also instilled a deeper understanding of the subject matter, preparing me for real-world applications. Highly recommend RAM Training Services for anyone looking to elevate their training and assessment expertise.
Matt Seeley
Matt Seeley
Great training organisation, professional, helpful and very impressive. This course helped me change my career path in a new and exciting direction. The training helped me achieve a successful new job, where I am very happy. Thanks RAM Training Services.
Mark Cullen
Mark Cullen
I know some people struggle to complete the TAE 40116. It can be quite involved. Doing RAM's 5 day intensive though helped me understand what needed to be done and set me up to be able to complete the course quickly. A word of advice: If you study this way complete the 'homework' immediately after the intensive (in the evening after each day) while the learning is fresh in your mind. If you leave it too long you will forget what to do which will make it more onerous to complete. It makes for a very busy week but you can break the back of the workload very quickly. Thanks RAM for providing the support needed to complete the TAE quickly.
Alison Tooley
Alison Tooley
I thoroughly enjoyed the Certificate IV Teaching and Assessment with RAM training. Chris was an outstanding facilitator who actually used the skills he taught. The course was cost effective.
Roz Donohoe
Roz Donohoe

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