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Helpful Training Techniques To Help you Learn Faster and More Efficiently

Whether you’re studying for an exam or wanting to extend your knowledge there are certain techniques that will help improve the way you learn. As a leading training service RAM services has provided this article to provide a range of tips that can be used to improve training efficiency and ensure people retain knowledge more effectively.


Allocate a place and time

Each person is unique and has their ideal location and time to study. You may find that learning in your bedroom late at night or the library in the afternoon is the most productive, regardless you should pick a workspace and regular timeframe in which you can set aside for work and stick to it.

Set up your study space – The place you allocate for study should be quiet, comfortable and have no distractions. This doesn’t mean you should study in an empty beige room with nothing but textbooks, it should be somewhere you can feel motivated and inspired. So decorate it with your favourite pictures or objects and if you want to listen to music or burn incense do so.

Find your best time – Some people are more productive in the mornings, others more efficient at night. Work out which time is most appropriate for you and assign an allotted space of time on a regular basis for you to follow, and stick to it!


Identify the most productive learning style

Generally each person has a preferred way of learning, getting to know your learning style will allow you to plan the way you study to best reflect your study methods.

Auditory learners learn best by listening – If you identify yourself as best learning by listening, then you should focus on reading your notes aloud, discussing information with others or recording key points and playing them back.

Visual learners learn by seeing – If you’re a visual learner you may find using a variety of colours in your notes, drawing diagrams to represent key points, highlighting text and remembering ideas as images as the easiest way to learn.

Kinesthetic Learners learn by doing – Those that identify themselves as kinaesthetic learners would be best suited to using role-playing or building models to revise key learning objectives


Review and Revise

A valuable process to do whilst trying to learn something more effectively is reviewing and revising the knowledge you’ve retained regularly. Revisiting what you’ve learnt gives you a better understanding of the concepts and help you remember them when their required.

Quiz yourself – Quizzes are an excellent learning tool to boost confidence, test your current knowledge and identify what you still need to learn. Some easy ways to quiz yourself are by having a family or friend asking you questions on key concepts.

Make your own study materials – Develop your own questions or flash cards based on the key concepts and answer them under test conditions. This is an excellent tool as you’ll learn it all twice, once when you make the study materials and again when you revise them.


RAM Training

RAM Training Services provides a wide range of short courses to help individuals upgrade their skills with nationally recognised training qualifications. Taking the tips provided in this article and applying them alongside the dedicated professional development offered across a range of different services at RAM training you are prepared for success.


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