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What you should really consider before enrolling into the TAE

So you are thinking of enrolling in the Cert 4 Training and Assessment qualification, and are probably shopping around to find the RTO that might best suit your needs. Here at RAM, we wanted to share with you some of the key things that we would recommend thinking about when choosing the best RTO for you and your situation.

Essentially, the qualification TAE40116 or even its successor, TAE40122, are fantastic qualifications that will challenge you and support you to become a great workplace or VET sector trainer, that has the skills and knowledge to be able to do the following:

  1. Unpack training needs and design training for your clients or teams
  2. Design and deliver powerful presentations both online and face to face
  3. Create and employ assessments that are both effective and compliant against national standards

As we all know though, some of the biggest frustrations often experienced by students who go through the TAE course, or even any Online or Blended training course as a student, are the following:

  • I can’t get immediate support when I need it, e.g on the weekends or late at night (when people are doing the most study)
  • How do I find an audience for my presentations? I don’t have people to present to!
  • I am not a fast learner and need a helping hand
  • I don’t have much experience with delivering training or public speaking and I am nervous to do any kind of presentation
  • I have never created assessments before and I wouldn’t have a clue where to start

All of those comments are so commonly heard amongst students on online forums and people considering enrolling in the TAE. Trust us, we hear them all the time and even more.

So here are a few questions we suggest asking yourself when choosing an RTO to enrol with:

  1. Will there be 24 hr support?  “Yes” might be a high expectation, but one of the things we know for a fact is that if a learner doesn’t get support within 48 or 72 hours of asking a question, the non-completion rate for students is exceptionally high for any online course. As such we make sure that there are assessors and support trainers available to you on our exclusive Facebook forum, as well as by phone and email.
  2. Will an audience be supplied for my presentations?  We know from our research that one of the biggest frustrations for TAE students is being able to find the required number of audience members for their 3 presentations that they must complete, or potentially more depending on the chosen units. This can be very hard especially for distance learning students, or anyone that is studying purely in an online capacity. So we made the decision very early on that no matter what a student’s situation, they would have the options to come to our FREE Presentation Workshops, which are either Online or Face to Face presentation days, in which you will have access to 8 learners/required number of participants to deliver your presentations to. This means that there is no fussing around with getting friends and family to pretend to be learners or anything like that, or even video recording yourself if you are not able to deliver it in your workplace. (However that is always an option of course if you can’t make it to a presentation day.)
  3. How long will the course take?  One of the biggest questions that will be bubbling in your mind as you consider enrolling is “How long will it take?”. We are pretty sure of this as we get asked this question on pretty much every phone call. Although we can’t give you an exact timeline as everyone is different and brings a different level of skills and knowledge, what we can say is that the resources provided to you mean that you have the flexibility to really get it completed in a ‘reasonable’ time frame. We provide you with online webinars that are recorded for every single assessment task, and you can watch these as many times as you want. The webinars walk you through the entire assessments and hold your hand along the way. Here is some feedback we received from one of our recent participants: “From the admin staff to the trainers and the webinars that walk you through sections of the training step by step are extremely helpful, I couldn’t have been happier with the training and support I received from RAM Training”.  We also include Live Q & A Webinars that happen every second Tuesday, that mean that you are never left behind and never without an opportunity to ask an assessor a direct question and get immediate support. And don’t forget we do have the extremely popular Facebook forum as well where you can post a question and get a response from another student or one of our expert trainers and assessor.
  4. Will I learn anything?  We have left this one in here and it is often the unspoken question. Here is what we know about the TAE: many people, if not all, come to the qualification out of a desire to just ‘Get the piece of paper’ as it is often a job requirement that the qualification be held as part of a training or assessing role. We can appreciate that, but we know for a fact after hearing from our graduates, that they all walk away with real world skills and knowledge that really do lead them towards becoming trainers and assessors that can ‘hit the ground running’ so to speak.

Check out what graduated student, Aline, said about her experience with RAM: “I recently completed my Certificate IV in TAE and I can say it was a rewarding experience. As a mother and a full-time worker, I had to find time between managing my work, my course and my daughter. Besides all the time constraint I really felt supported and engaged to complete the course. The content is relevant with the industry, the workbook was easy to follow. The part that I enjoyed the most were doing the presentations. It has helped me gain more confidence in public speaking and also in creating content that is engaging and relevant for the public watching the presentation. Thank you so much team.”

Regardless of your situation, we want to make sure that your learning journey is as smooth as possible, and here at RAM Training Services, we will make sure that you are supported through your journey and are empowered to really achieve your best. We want to support you in your transition into an individual of influence in your workplace or your industry.


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