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Struggling with Distance Learning? This Might Help!

Self-paced distance learning study, can be a great option for those who are time-poor, or who may not live in a location with easy access to face to face training.  But it can also be a little challenging for some.  You need to be disciplined in setting aside time to work on your studies, and your training provider must be able to provide you with the support and tools you need in order to successfully complete.

A few tips to succeed with distance learning courses:

  1. Put set times in your diary to work on your course.  We suggest 2 hour blocks of time, with breaks in between.
  2. Turn off your phone, and disable social media and email notifications.  And don’t start checking your emails first – it’s a rabbit hole, and they’ll still be there when your 2 hours is up.
  3. Find yourself an accountability study buddy.  If you are a TAE student with RAM, you can call out for one in our Facebook TAE Support Group.
  4. Use all tools provided to you to get assistance, eg Facebook groups, Q&A webinars, tutorial videos etc.

For RAM’s TAE students who have chosen the Distance Learning method, you may not have time to sit through the 5-day workshop, but would still like some face to face time.  It enables you to get a good portion of your tasks completed, but also motivates you to keep going with your studies from home.  To assist, we now offer an optional 2-day TAE Add-on Workshop, that covers the learning aspect of the 4 Assessment units from the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment qualification.  The Assessment units can often be the more challenging units of competency, so you may find that a bit of extra guidance in this area will be a huge help, giving you the encouragement and confidence to continue on.  This can be booked in at enrolment, or any time throughout your studies.


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