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How to Search for a Job while Still in School

Trying to balance an academic life and a social life is hard enough, without throwing job-hunting into the mix. But it’s always a good idea to start applying for jobs while you are still in school so you at least have some potential interviews lined up for graduation. Do you want to continue your education and work part time? Work full time while taking a few classes? Do you need to complete an internship before applying for your potential career? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before you begin to conduct your job search.


Get a Head Start

Job hunting takes time. You might luck out and land your dream job immediately, or you could be searching for months, especially in today’s competitive market. The sooner you get started the better. Every single university student or graduate is going to be in the same boat at the end of the term so why not get a head start so you have a better chance of getting the job you want?

You already feel tied down with all of your courses, and papers and deadlines. Not to mention extra-curricular activities, academic clubs and a social life. However, job hunting is just as important. It’s all a matter of time management. You should set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour a day to work on your resume, apply for jobs and make follow up calls.


Job Search

Of course the first thing you will want to do is your resume. Take advantage of the career services at your college or university if you need some help tweaking your resume, or cover letters. That is what career counselors are for. They can also give you plenty of helpful advice on how to limit your job search and other insightful information as well.

The actual job search won’t be as hard as it seems, especially if you have internet access. You can easily conduct a job search online, as well as electronically submit your resume and cover letter. You should tailor your cover letter and resume for each specific job. You can also network through your peers and college professors for possible job ideas. You never know what information you might pick up so it never hurts to ask around. Also, remember to ask your professors and teachers for letters of recommendation as well.


Follow Up

You can also take a few minutes each day to follow up on those jobs for which you have already applied. This simply requires an email or brief phone call. This will show them that you are definitely interested in the position. If the job is local, it can’t hurt to stop by and inquire in person, dressed appropriately so they can see you face to face. This will give them a good first impression and will help you stand out from the other job candidates.

Also, if you do get an interview, make sure to follow up with a thank-you note or email within 24 hours following the interview. Then call them back within a week to see if they have made a decision. This will show that you are serious about the position.

Just remember these simple facts and you will be able to have a head start on your career search. Set aside some time each day to focus on your career, but don’t neglect your studies! And best of luck!


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