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How your Business or Workplace can Benefit from Group Training

Workplace training is a large part of keeping your team up to date in first aid and industry relevant training. Group training normally has a minimum of 5 people (varies per course) and offers discounted pricing. There are many benefits to training as a group which we have outlined below.

Team Building

Training in a group environment with everyone in your workplace is a great team building activity. It can build bonds between co-workers and introduce anyone who has not yet conversed. Managers and company leaders should also be included in this training (when possible) to ensure employees understand the importance of the training and can get to know their workplace seniors better.

Working as a team to build on your skills with a certificate course or first aid training course can greatly benefit the way your team works together in future.

Everyone is on the Same Page

By training in a group scenario everyone is learning at the same time. This means no one is left behind and there is no need for multiple training sessions. In larger organisations group training can be conducted in sectors of the business to avoid an unrealistic group size – this can be carried out over a set time period depending on the course length.

Flexible Training Locations

Group training offers more flexibility with locations. At RAM Training Services we can conduct group training at your office, another location of your choosing or in one of our training locations. The flexibility of group training locations is an added bonus. If your desired course is not available in your location there is a possibility it can be organised in the case of group training sessions (please contact our friendly team for more information).


The efficiency of group training is of large benefit to businesses. Group training ensures your chosen group will all be well informed and training will be conducted together.

More Cost Effective

Possibly one of the biggest advantages of group training in the workplace is discounts for larger groups. RAM Training offers discounts which can be quoted after numbers and course information has been received. For more information on group training with RAM please do not hesitate to contact us directly; we have a range of training courses to choose from.


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