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5 Tips to Approach a Job Interview with Confidence

1.  Be Prepared

Think of the interview as a sports competition; being prepared is what is most likely going to get you across that finish line first. Ensure that you take the time to research the company and that you understand the role you are being interviewed for.

Being prepared means knowing your answers in advance for questions such as “tell me about yourself”, “why should I hire you?” or “what’s a mistake you made recently?”.  Having an idea of what you’re going to say will increase your confidence and will make a good impression on the interviewer.


2.  Dress for Success

Make sure you dress appropriately, wear what you would consider appropriate if you were already working for the organisation.  If in doubt wear something on the conservative side.


3.  Be Yourself

Try not to let fear get in the way, most interviewers won’t intentionally try trip to you up.  Just be yourself in an interview, pretending to be someone else will not do you any favours.


4.  Ask Questions

Ask questions, this shows that you have done your research and demonstrates genuine interest in the job.


5.  Breathe!

Relax and breathe, knowing that you have taken the steps necessary to put your best foot forward.  Whether or not the interviewer likes you is out of your control.  Even if you aren’t successful for that particular job, each interview is one step closer to the interview you will excel in.


Good luck!


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